In mid 1974 the first national brand of particle boards appeared in the furniture industry. Miquel Riera, my father, who in those days was a partner in a woodwork shop, presented to me the idea of setting up a distributor for these materials. I didn't doubt for a second and the 1st of October of that same year we began a project that is still succesful today.

From the start, M.Riera has dedicated it's efforts to offering ideas, systems and materials for our clients to realise their projects. During these years our facilities have improved until reaching our current warehouse in the Manacor industrial estate where we are located since 1988. To day, new technologies enable us to reach every corner of the world.

This web serves as an open window to the heart of our company to help you realise the resources availabkle in the world of wood. We are working to make the web more accessible and we will soon have it available in English and Catalan as well as Spanish.

We encourage you to send us your ideas, suggestions and needs so we can help you.

Many thanks for your colaboration and help,


José Riera Galmés

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